Frequent Asked Questions

Registration Process Questions

Q1:  When do entries need to be in, for the weekly Friday Store sales?
A1: All entries of cattle and sheep should be submitted by Wednesday 12:00 noon. 

Q2: How to register my cattle or sheep for the weekly sales?
A2: Download and fill in our online entry forms from here or visit our offices and fill in the forms by pen and paper. 

Sales Dates Questions 

Q1: When is the prime stock day?
 A1: The prime stock day is Thursday. Over thirty-month cows sale starts at 9:30 am, Prime Cattle is at 11:30 am and Prime Sheep and Feeding Ewes starts at 12:00 noon.

Q2: When are the Rare Breed and Poultry Sales?
A2: These can be found in the 'Upcoming Sales Diary' here. There is one Poultry sale in March followed by further rare breed livestock and poultry sales in May and September.

Q3: When is the regular Saturday Thainstone Collective Sale of Plant Machinery and Equipment?
A3: The Thainstone Collective Sale of Plant Machinery and Equipment is held 8 times a year, always on Saturdays at Thainstone Centre, Inverurie. The dates for the sale can be found in our 'Upcoming Sales Diary' here.

Sales Related Questions

Q1: When are Store Sale Catalogues available to view online?
A1: The Friday Store Sale Catalogues go online on Thursday afternoon on our 'Catalogues' page here.  The catalogues are also updated on the particular event's page.

Q2: When are the Sale Reports available to view online? 
A2: The Sale Reports are available to view online on the day of the sale on our 'Sale Reports' page here. The reports are also updated on the particular event's page after the sale. 

Q3: Do I need to belly clip my Prime stock?
 A3: For sheep yes, this service is available at Thainstone Centre. For Cattle again yes if dirty. No clipping service for cattle at Thainstone Centre.   

Contacts Questions

Q1: How do I know who my local auctioneer is?
A1: All auctioneers and fieldsmen are listed on the 'Meet Our Team' page here, but please if in doubt do not hesitate to contact us.