Young Farmers’ Overwintered Cattle Show and Sale (March)

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NEWS:  Fraser brothers steal the overwintered cattle show (Published: 24th March 2017)

Show Results (Published: 24th March 2017)

NEWS: Young farmers’ overwintered cattle primed for Thainstone show and sale (Published: 15th March 2017)

The next generation of farmers have the chance to showcase their own purchased and reared cattle at Thainstone’s annual Young Farmers’ Overwintered Cattle Show and Sale organised by Aberdeen & Northern Marts.  T
The event, sponsored by Ledingham Chalmers, attracts a total of £2,200 prize money along with a range of prizes and is followed by an auction of the exhibited cattle.
The contest is aimed at encouraging young farmers in the art of stockmanship through buying cattle at the autumn sales before rearing and training them through the winter for a show and sale in the spring.
In 2015, the prize money was increased for the highest average daily weight gain and highest feeders’ margin classes and now extends to the top four places for heifers and bullocks.
This show and sale gives the chance for young stock handlers to rear, prepare, show and sell their animals in friendly competition with their peers. The iBidder facility also means that the stock displayed can be viewed by potential buyers from all corners of the UK.

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Key Contacts

Tim McDonald, Auctioneer
Name: Tim McDonald F.I.A. (Scot.)
Title: Prime & Cull Cattle Manager/Auctioneer
Mobile: 07507 651069