Weekly Thainstone Friday Sale



 Friday 17th February    

10 am  :  Sale Ring No 1  :
Sale of  340 Store Cattle

Inc: 50 ex Orkney (25 Diamonds, Gorn and Workwell), 30 Caplich and Sillerton, 25S Coxton, 21H Upper Bodachra, 20S Lower Cushieston, 20H Birkenbower, 20 Newton of Auchindoir.
 Friday 10 am  : Sale Ring No 2  :
Sale of 1 Young Calf, 9 Young Bulls, and Sale of 1040 Store Cattle

 Inc: 102 Mains of Cairnborrow, 85 Wellheads, 70 Little Tulloch, 50 New Noth, 40 Ex Orkney (20 Lower Stangerand Skelday), 40S Nether Tillygarmond, 40 Darnford, 30 Dubford, Kinaldie,  25H Kirkton of Lundie, 25 Campdelmore and Hareshowe of Ironside, 24 Balladrum, Crichie, 22 Raefin, 20S Mid Powlair, 20  Arnage, Auchtertyre, Cairntack, Croftbain, Mid Fleenas, Nether Kirkton, Northfield, Raich and Shank of Glenbarry.
10.30 am  :  Sale Ring 3  :
Sale of 450 Grit Gimmers and Ewes,
1300 Store Lambs, 705 Feeding Ewes and Ram
 Comprising and in sale order - Grit Gimmers/Ewes: 200 Mule ewes, scanned 194% to Tex ram, due 27th March onwards, 70 Shet/Chv, Chv and cr ewes scanned in lamb to Tex Rams, due mid March, Thistleyhillock Kininmonth, 60 Tex wm/bm scanned 200% to Bel cr rams, due April onwards, Huntly Lodge, 60 Mule gmrs scanned 190% to Tex/Bel/Suf rams, due 7th March Little Muddie, 54 Mule Ewes scanned in lamb to Tex ram, due 22nd March onwards, Penelopefield. Store Lambs -  followed by Feeding Ewes and Rams.
11.30 am  :  Concourse  :
Sale of Fodder

Entries of Straw, Hay, Haylage, Silage,
Carrots and Turnips.