Weekly Thainstone Friday Sale



Friday 24th February

Friday 10.00 am  :  Sale Ring No 1  :
Sale of 320 Store Cattle

 inc: 40 Bishopston, 30 Ex Orkney (20 AAx Balfour Est), 25H Arnhall Edzell (suitable for bulling), 20 Cairntack and Lower Cushieston.

Sale Ring No 2  :
Sale of 12 Young Bulls, 5 Young Calves and 1100 Store Cattle

inc : 100 Backmuir Trading, 70 Newton of Struthers and HF Auchry, 60 Cairntack, 48 Nether Coullie, 40 East Lediken and North Calder, 35 Drumnagair, 34 Leys Estate, 33 Dallasbroughty, 30 Ex Orkney (20 Caldale), 30 Little Millbrex, 25 Craigroy Dallas, 24 Waulkmill,  22 Boginduie, Dorsincilly and Glenlogie, 20S Mains of Arnage and Rivefold Ythanwells, 20H Cainbeathie, 20  Buchaam, Cluseburn, Edendiack, Gaich Farms, Meikle Northburn, Mill of Saphock, Newton and Newton of Tulloch.

10.30 am  :  Sale Ring No 3  :
Sale of 350 Grit Ewes, 450 Store Lambs and 500 Feeding Ewes and Rams

Comprising and in sale order - Grit Ewes 120 Mul/Tex cr ewes, scanned in lamb to Tex ram 1–4 crop, due end March onwards, Craigroy Dallas. Dispersal 98 Suf gmrs/ewes, scanned in lamb to Cha/Suf ram due 25th March onwards, Blackloanhead Boyndie, 72 Mule ewes reg ages, scanned in lamb to Suf rams, due 6th April onwards, Gordonston Clatt , also Mule Gimmers and Tex cr Ewes;  Store Lambs followed by Feeding Ewes and Rams.

Sale of Fodder  11.30 am  :  Concourse

Fodder : 14 acres turnips with 14 acre stubble run off, sown on the flat, to be eaten off by 21st April, Mains of Wardhouse, Insch.
Entries of Straw, Hay and Haylage, Carrots and Turnips