Vehicle Dealer Trade-In Night

Forthcoming Event To Be Held by Thainstone Specialist Auctions - Dealer Trade In Night 

Thursday 26th October 2017 at 6pm  
  • Cars up to 10 years old and with a max mileage of 120K  
  • Entries from independent & franchised dealers
  • Marketing  provided by TSA as dealer trade-ins
  • Cars displayed at TSA from Tuesday  2.00 p.m
  • All cars washed, hoovered & tyres slicked
  • Banners showing supplying dealers
  • Trade Rates Apply
  • Free transport on complete loads to Thainstone
Vehicle database/catalogue available online

Download the Vehicle Entry Form (No Warranty)

View our current Motor Vehicle Buying/Selling notes
All buyers welcome  

Click on the images below to view a video about each of the lots!

Lot 101

Lot 102

Lot 103

Lot 104

Lot 105

Lot 106

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Lot 109

Lot 110

Lot 111

Lot 117

Key Contacts

John Roy, Vehicle and Machinery Sales Manager
Name: John Roy
Title: Vehicle and Machinery Sales Manager
Tel: 01467 623863
Mobile: 07831 807841

Allan Finn, Vehicle and Machinery Auction Co-Ordinator
Name: Allan Finn
Title: Vehicle and Machinery Auction Co-ordinator
Tel: 01467 623864
Mobile: 07341 088058