Weekly Sale of Store Lambs, Breeding Gimmers and Ewes, Breeding Rams, Feeding Ewes and Rams


Friday 3rd March
10 .00am  :  Sale Ring No 1  :

Sale of 450 Store Cattle followed by Sale of 100
BVD Virus Free and Vaccinated Bulling Heifers

Store Cattle inc : 100 Brims Mains, 50 Ex Orkney (20 West Brough and Hammer Greeny), 40S Bishopston and Stoneyhill, 20S AA Elsick Estate, 20 AAx Abergeldie Castle, 20H Cluny Crighton, 20 Cairntack, 15 Simx suitable for breeding Johnes Monitor Free Drumneachie,

BVD Virus Free Bulling Heifers inc  : 20 Simx Turfhillock, Drummuir, 12 Lynegar, 12 Smx Meikle Tillyeve, 10 Simx South Greycairn and Marywell.


10.00 am  :  Sale Ring No 2  :
Sale of 20 Young Bulls , 1 Young Calf and Sale of 1100 Store Cattle

Store Cattle inc : 100H Chax Backmuir Trading, 100 Cairntack, 50 Ex Orkney (20 Howe, 20 AAx Lower Stanger and Braebuster), 50 East Lediken, 45 Tormore, 40 Newton Tulloch and Wester Coull, 34 Wellheads, 30H Mains Haddo, 30 Coldhome Dallas, 25 Broadwater, 23 Fichlie, 22 Rhuarden and Sundayswells, 20S Rivefold, 20H Cairnbeathie, 20 Braigiewell, Buchaam, Cushnie Rhynie, Delab, East Sinnahard, Finzean Estate, Knowehead, Mill Saphock, South Byebush, Sunnyside, Strocherie and Tullo.


10.30 am  :  Sale Ring No 3  :
Sale of 650 Grit Gimmers and Ewes, 850 Store Lambs and 600 Feeding Ewes and Rams

Comprising and in sale order - Grit Gimmers/Ewes - 116 Mule/Cont scanned, due 10th April to Cha/Tex rams, Hillhead of Ardo Methlick, 70 Tex/Chvx scanned to Texx ram,  42 Shtx scanned to Cha ram, all due 18th March Mains Auchmedden,   42 Chv scanned in lamb to Cha/Tex rams, due Mid April, Whiteinches, 22 “Top” Tex Chv/Mul Hgts scanned 200% to Cha Ram, due 8th April;  Dispersal - (24 Mule gimmers scanned 204%, 85 Mule Ewes 2-4 crop scanned 199%,  all in lamb to Tex Rams, 50 Mule 2-4 crop scanned 204% to Suf Rams, due 3rd April onwards, Mid Lenchie Rothienorman), 100 Sht in lamb to Tex/Dor Rams due 10th April, Gaval Court Fetterangus), Store Lambs - 200 BF Greenloan, followed by Feeding Ewes and Rams.


11.30 am  :  Concourse  :  Sale of Fodder

Entries of Straw, Hay, Haylage,
Silage, Carrots, Turnips and Potatoes