Multi Breed Show and Sale of Pedigree Beef Bulls and Females


Annual Multi Breed Show and Sale of 49 Pedigree Bulls and Females
Show  :  11.00 am  Sale  :  2.30 pm


Comprising 19 Charolais, 13 Limousins, 9 Simmentals, 5 Aberdeen Angus, 1 British Blue

Also Dispersal Sale of ‘The Greenbridge Pedigree Limousin Herd

9 Heifers and Cows with February/March born calves at foot, sired by Brims Ironman, 1 Heifer AI on the 24/3/17 to Hunters Hall Gladiator, 2 Maiden Heifers Feb/April 2016 born.  BVD Acc & Vacc, Lepto Vacc, Johne’s Level 1.