Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


1.30 pm  :  Ring No 1  :  Sale of 165 Adult Head
 of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle

Inc  :  Annual consignment from Messrs Smith, Towiemore of 75 Sim/Sim cr with Lim calves.  BVD Vac & Lepto Vac, booster received, calves treated with Viscoxen, 15 Sim cr with Lim cr calves Wester Bleaton, 10 Lim cr with Lim calves Buchaam, 8 Lim/Sim with Lim calves Upper Ashalloch, 8 sim cr with Lim cr calves Ardhuncart, 7 Sim cr with Lim cr calves Balavil Est Kingussie, 7 cr heifers with Lim calves Overton Ardo, 7 cr heifers South Oldwhat. Bulls;  1 AA 18mth, 3 Sim 18 -20mth, 1 Sho 2yrs, 1 Lim 3yrs.