Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Friday 26th May

At Approximately 1.00 pm or Immediately
after Store Cattle
Sale of 215 Adult Head of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle

Comprising Heifers with calves  :  25 Sim/Lim/ Sho cr with Lim cr calves, BVD & Lepto Vac, Wester Blenton/Solizarie Blairgowrie, 25 Lim/Sim cr with Lim calves,   vaccinated,  (been on grass for 5 weeks), Mains Drumdollo, 8 Sim/Lim cr with Lim calves, Roundhome Corse, 8 Lim cr with Lim/Sim calves, individually tested & Vac, Towiemore, 8 Sim  Heifers, individually tested, & Vac, Auchtygall, 8 Sim with Lim calves,  calves ear notched, BVD & Lepto Vac, Wardes, 7 cr Heifers, been running with Lim bull, South Oldwhat, 6 Sim cr with Lim calves, individually tested & Vac, South Blackrie.
Cows with  calves  :  35 Sim/Lim cr with Cha/Lim/Sim calves, Earlsfield,  14 Sim/Lim cr with cha calves, Stillswells, 8 cr cows with cr calves, free of the bull, Cairntack,  8 Ped Saler cows with Saler calves, Reg ages, BVD & Lepto Vac, Johnes Level 1, Firth Melrose,
Bulls  :  3 Lim 19mth  - 5 yrs, Sim 2 yrs