Summer Show and Sale of Store Cattle and Weaned and Suckled Calves


Tomorrow Friday 14th July
10.00am  :  Ring No 2  :
               Summer Show and Sale of 950
               Store Cattle and Weaned Calves

                  Sponsored by Turriff Agri Parts   
Also Sale of 4 Bulls
Show  :  8.30am

Comprising 150 Over 400kgs and 800 Under 400kgs
Store Cattle/Weaned Calves inc : 100 Brims Mains, 70 Cairntack and 122 Main Street, 60 Barrogill Mains, 50 Westfield Turriff, 40 Ex Orkney (Quoys Sth Ronaldsay), 40 Eastfield and Witton, 32 Burnside Idoch, 30 Lethen Mains, 25H Mansefield, 20S Culbirnie, 20 Ardioch, East Town Tarland, Mosside Ballinshoe, Pittenkerrie and Welton Creuchies.