Show and Sale of Store Cattle and Weaned and Suckled Calves


Show and Sale of 1100 Store Cattle
And Weaned Calves
Show 8.30am  :  Sale 10.00am  :

 Weekly Sale of Young Calves and Young Bulls
 Comprising 500 Over 400kgs and 600 Under 400kgs
 Inc : 70 Ex Orkney (20 North Bigging, 20 Floss and Myres), 70 Mains Foveran, 60 Auchnarrow, 50 Golf View, 43S Commonty, 40 Clinterty, Upper Tilllygarmond (Simx suitable for bulling) and Upper Towie, 36 Milton Fochel, 30H Ard Na Moy, 30 Bishopston, Cluseburn and Stemster, 25 Auchterblair and Deerhillock, 20S Lower Cook and Pittenkerrie, 20 Belnoe, Brawland, Easter Galcantray AA, Marchmar, Newpark, Ordhill, Rannagulzion, Towie, Tullochglens, Wartle and Woodfold.

Sponsored by W N Lindsay

11.30am  :  Sale of Fodder  :  Concourse  :
Entries of  Straw, Hay and Haylage