Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Special Sale of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle

1.00 pm  :  Ring No 1

Heifers with calves at foot :  5 Sim cr with Nov/Dec born  Sim cr  Bull calves, Free of  Bull, BVD Herd Screened Negative, Grangehall Marykirk,  1 Lim  with Lim Heifer calf, Ear Notched BVD Virus Free, Mosshead.
Cows with calves at foot  :  8 Sim cr with  3rd and 4th Autumn born Cha calves, been running with Cha bull since 20th October, Ear Notched BVD Virus  Free, Whitehouse Lumphanan,  (Part Dispersal) 6 AA/Lim cr  with Autumn born Lim calves, been running with Lim Bull, Boghead of Orrock

In Calf Heifers and Cows  :   25 Sim/Her heifers, P’d in calf to Her Bull 5 - 6 mths and 20 Lim/Sth Devon cows  scanned in calf to Lim Bull 4 - 6 mths Cairntack, 17 Sim/Lim cows, Reg ages, P’d in calf to Sim Bull, due April onwards, Bull went in 1st July to end October, Johnes Level 1,  Meikle Tillyeve, 9 Sim/Lim cr heifers scanned in calf to Lim/Sho bull, due end March, ran with Sho Bull for 1 week followed by Lim Bull, BVD Herd Screeened Negative, Georth Farms Evie,

(Part Dispersal) 8 AA/Lim cr cows scanned in calf to Lim Bull, due May/June, Boghead of Orrock,  3  AA cr heifers scanned 5-6mths in calf to Black Lim Bull,  BVD Herd Screened Negative, 3 Sim cr heifers scanned in calf to Lim Bull, due beginning May and 6 Sim/Lim cr cows regular ages, scanned in calf to Sim/Lim Bull due beginning April, BVD Herd Screened Negative, Haquoy Shapinsay, 1 Sim cow scanned in calf to Sim Bull, due beginning April, Backakelday Holm,

Bull  :  AA  Bull 8 yrs