Weekly Sale of Store Cattle & Weaned Calves, Store Lambs, Breeding Gimmers and Ewes, Breeding Rams etc.


Tomorrow Friday  :  Sale Ring 1  :
Following YF Cattle at approx. 11.00am
Sale of 200 Store Cattle, followed by Sale of 110 Adult Head of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle
(at approx. 1.30pm or immediately after Store Cattle)

Inc : Stores - 40 Stoneyhill, 20 Ex Orkney Howe and Easthouse, 20 Deskie Glenlivet;  Heifers and Cows with calves at foot : 12 Her/Sim cr heifers with Oct/Nov Lim cr calves, heifers free of bull, West Davoch, 10 Sim cr heifers with Lim calves, Fairburn, 14 BB cr cows (2nd calvers) with Lim cr calves, Wester Coxton, 6 Sim cr heifers/cows with Sim/Cha  cr 6 wk old calves, K Riach Crathes; In Calf Heifer and Cows : 25 Her/Sim cr heifers P’d 6-7mths to Her bull, and 20 cr cows P’d 5-6mths to Lim bull, Cairntack, 5 BB/Lim cr heifers ran with Lim bull since 17th July, Wester Coxton; Bulls : Sho 3yrs, Lim 9yrs.
10.00am  :  Sale Ring No 2  :
Sale of 5 Young Bulls, 5 Young Calves
 and 1100 Store Cattle

Inc : 70 Ex Orkney (22 Braebuster, Rosebank, 20 Mucklehouse, Heathfield, 70 Clynelish, 55H Newton Budgate, 55 Mid Fleenas, 53 Wester Durris, 50 Lednabirchen, 40 North Crannoch, 35 Tillenturk, 30 Blackhole, Burnhaugh, Castle Grant HF and Pittenkerrie, 26 Haugh, 25S Lynemore Glenrinnes, 25 Auchernack and Ess Dalbuiack and ,  24 Leys Castle, Mains Portlethen and Newtohill Clatt, 21 New Noth, 20 AA Middleton Brims and Viewfield, 20 Bankhead, Briach, Drodland, Fairburn, Little Millbrex, Tullochgorum and Waulkmill.

Breeding Cattle
Present entries inc: Heifers and Cows with calves at foot – 12 Her/Sim cr heifers with Oct/Nov born Lim cr calves at foot, heifers free of Bull, calves Ear Notched Negative, West Davoch, 10 Sim cr heifers with Lim calvesat foot, Fairburn Longmanhill, 1 Sim cr heifer with 6 week old Sim cr calf at foot, Calf Ear Notched, BVD Virus Free,  Barns Crathes, 14 mostly BB cr cows - 2nd calvers with Lim cr calves at foot, all Ear Notched, Wester Coxton, 5 Sim cr cows with 6 week old Cha cr calves at foot, Calves Ear Notched, BVD Virus Free, K Riach Crathes.
In Calf Heifers and Cows - 25 Her/Sim cr Heifers, P'd 6 - 7mths in calf to Her Bull, Cairntack, 5 BB/Lim cr heifers, ran with Lim Bull since 17th July, Wester Coxton,  20 cr cows P'd in calf 5 - 6mths to Lim Bull, Cairntack, 2 cr cows in calf to Sho Bull due July/August, Wellback Scarsferry, 1 cr cow been running with Lim Bull, Tollpark, 1 Sim cr cow scanned in calf to Lim 'Westhall Love Jake' Bull, Cairndaie.
Bulls - Sho 3yrs, Lim 9yrs

10.30am  :  Sale Ring No 3  :
Sale of 225 Grit Gimmers/Ewes 700 Store Lambs,
750 Feeding Ewes and Rams

Comrising and in sale order: - Grit Gimmers/Ewes inc Dispersal 215 Texx/Sufx gimmers to wm ewes scanned in lamb to Tex/Suf Rams due 10th April, scanned over 200% Belnagarrow, Orphan Lambs as forward, Store Lambs, Feeding Ewes and Rams.