Weekly Sale of Store Cattle & Weaned Calves, Store Lambs, Breeding Gimmers and Ewes, Breeding Rams etc.


Tomorrow Friday 10.00am  :  Sale Ring No 1  :
Sale of 15 Young Bulls, 5 Young Calves
 and Sale of 150 Store Cattle

Inc: - 20 Ex Orkney (20  Lower Elbister and Upper Lea), 20 Hillside Dufftown, 10H Limx BVD Virus Free and Vac Morrison Cresc Maud.
 Friday 10.00am Sale  :  Ring No 2  : 
Sale of 1,350 Store Cattle

Inc: -190 Lythmore, 80 Pittenkerrie, 65 Newton, 60 Glencatt, 50 Ex Orkney (Burness, Caldale and Warthill), 50H Overton Fetternear, 45 Tormore Dunbeath, 42 Roadside Skene, 40S Balmadies Forfar, 40 Auchterblair and Burnside Idoch, HF Rothienorman and Turfhillock, Drummuir, 35H Burnside Tynet, 35 Wester Coull, 30 Auchteryre, East Town Tarland, Hareshowe, Stillswells and Wartle, 25 Allancreich and Wellington, 24 Daleigh and Newtonhill, 22 Achavandra, 20S Mid Lenchie, 20 Backhill Clackriach, Bankhead, Balladrum, Barnhill, Buchaam, Cairdhillock, Crichie, Govals Forfar, Northfield, Place of Tillyfourie, Westfield  and Whitehouse Lumphanan
10.30am Sale Ring No 3  : 
Sale of 320 Ewes with lambs at foot, 510 Store Lambs, 400 Feeding Ewes and Rams

Comprising and in sale order: Ewes with lambs at foot,  Orphan lambs as forward, Store Lambs, Feeding ewes and Rams.
11.30am  :  Concourse  :  Sale of Fodder
Entries of Straw, Hay, Haylage,
Silage, Carrots and Turnips