Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle and Store and Feeding Sheep


Tomorrow Friday 10 am:  Sale Ring No 2:
Sale of 10 Young Bulls, and 850 Store Cattle

Comprising 400 Over 400kgs and 450 Under 400kgs
Over 400kgs inc:  70 Ex Orkney (20 Maesquoy, Langskaill Rousay, 20 Cleat, Burgar inc AAx Hfrs suitable for Breeding), 60 Hawkhill Auchenblae, 35  AAx Killimister, 25 Broombrae, 20 Barnhill, Bogmill, Chapelford and Cyderhall;  Under 400kgs inc:  50S Cha Milton of Noth, 25S HF Rothienorman, 25 Mains Inverugie, Rhuarden and Upper Glasslaw, 20 Ex Orkney (Oback and Beafield), 20S Glasstullich and Seggiecrook, 20 Ardhuncart, Cornhill Skene and Fichlie.

10.30  am:  Sale Ring No 3:
Sale of 200 Grit Ewes, 1,800 Store Lambs and 700 Feeding Ewes and Rams

Comprising and in sale order - Grit Ewes - 143 Mule 2-3 crop scanned 195% to Suf/Tex, due 7th April onwards Gellan Farms,  25 Tex cr 3 crop, ran with Tex Ram from 1st Nov Tillyfourie;  Store Lambs - 450 Greystone, 200 Glencatt, followed by Feeding Ewes and Rams.