Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle and Store and Feeding Sheep


Friday 9th March
Sale of Store Cattle, Store and Feeding Sheep

Sale Ring No 1
Sale of 450 Store Cattle

Entries inc: 40S Stoneyhill, 40 Newton of Budgate and Tormore, 20S Lower Cushieston, 20 Braemorlich, Fieldhead, Stonyford 20H Simx Johnes Monitored, Rispoval Vacc, Drumneachie, 20H indvidually tested BVD Virus Free, Clunycrichton.
BVD Virus Free and Vaccinated Heifers - 28H outwintered Sim/Stabx Ballogie, 20 Simx Deerhillock and Marywell Ballogie, 12 Sim/Lim/BBx Kindrought Strichen.

Sale Ring No 2
Sale of 15 Young Bulls and 1,000 Store Cattle


Entries inc: 100 (80S Fri) Cairntack, 80 New Noth, 50 Ex Orkney (Hindatoon and Trondheim), Johnstone Mains, 40 AA South Balkeith, 40 Nether Balfour, Tillenturk and Tormore,  35 Sunnyside Wartle, 30 Nether Tillygarmond, 28 Kennieshillock, Raefin and Raich, 25 Cairnbeathie and Cluseburn, 24S Baillie, 24 Blackhole and Dorsincilly, 20 Buchaam, Denmill, Pollowick, Rivefold and Stonebriggs,  
20 Sho  Haugh.


Sale Ring No 3
Sale of 10 Ewes with Lambs at Foot, 600 Grit Gimmers and Ewes, 1,300 Store Lambs, 800 Feeding Ewes and Rams

Comprising and in sale order: Ewes with lambs at foot, Grit Gimmers/Ewes - 60 Tex Hgts scanned to Tex Ram due 5th April Auchtygall, 50 Mule Gmrs scanned in lamb to Cha/Tex due 1st April onwards, Crossburn, 50 Mule Gmrs running with Tex Rams, 148 Mule/Tex Ewes reg ages running with Tex/Suf Rams, 3 Braal Halkirk, 30 Gmrs 1 crop to bm, been running with Tex Ram since 1st Nov Ashgrove, 100 Texx 2—4 crop scanned in lamb to Tex, due 1st April onwards Bankhead , Store Lambs,  Feeding Ewes and Rams.