Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle and Store and Feeding Sheep


Friday 23rd March 2018

Sale Ring 1
Following YF Cattle at approx. 11.00am Sale of 300 Store Cattle, followed by Sale of 86 Adult Head of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle
(at approx. 1.30 pm or immediately after Store Cattle)

Entries Inc: Store Cattle - 40 Stoneyhill, 30 Pittenkerrie, 20 Chapelford, Sillerton, Stonyford;  Heifers and Cows with calves at foot - 15 Sim/Lim xr heifers with Lim cr calves, Fairburn, 8 Sim/Lim cr cows with Cha cr calves, Whitehouse Lumphanan; In Calf Heifer and Cows - 40 Lim/Sim/BB cr heifers, 2nd and 3rd calving stock cows, in calf to Cha and Lim Bulls, 3 Tops House Cottage Methven, 12 Sim/Lim cr  cows, due April/May, Cairntack, Bulls : Sim 3yrs.


Sale Ring No 2
Sale of 5 Young Bulls, 10 Young Calves and 1,250 Store Cattle

Entries Inc: 120 Ex Orkney (38 Redland Stromness, 22 Oback, 35 Burness, Mucklehouse and Balfour Estate),  100 Chax Backmuir, 100 North Bethelnie, Pittenkerrie, 60 Clynelish, 55 Johnston Mains, 50 Tillygarmond, 45 Barrogill Mains, 44 Wester Durris, Cairntack, 40 196 Lednabirchen, 35 South Byebush, 30 Auchterblair, Cairntack, Easter Kincraigie, Tullo of Garvock, Wester Coull, 22S Inverichnie, 25S Auchernack, 25H Relugas, 25 Cluseburn, Dinnet Farms, 1 Farrochie Gardens, Lost Farm, Lynemore Strathdon, 20 Broombrae, Buchaam, Drodland, Guise, Haugh Ballindalloch, Little Clinterty, Lynemore Glenrinnes,  Mains of Haddo, North Towieturner, Sundayswells, Tam, Tillenturk.

Sale Ring No 3
Sale of 10 Ewes with Lambs at Foot, 1,000 Store Lambs, 1,000 Feeding Ewes and Rams


Comprising and in sale order - Ewes with Lambs at foot,  Orphan Lambs as forward, Store Lambs, Feeding Ewes and Rams.