Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle including Sale of BVD Tested and Vacc Bulling Heifers and Store and Feeding Sheep


Friday 4th May 2018
Sale of 30 Young Bulls and 300 Store Cattle
Sale Ring No 1

Inc: 30H Old Echt, 25H Bogmill, 25 Cairndaie, 20S Skeibhill, 20YB Cairntack, 20 Ex Orkney (Burgar, Cyderhall ) and Stonyford.

Followed by Special Sale of 340 BVD Accredited or Screened Negative Heifers

Inc: 60 (Simx Johnes Monotired) Connachie, 25 Simx/BB Plewlands, Simx Culquhassen, 20 Simx Tomreckachie, 17 Lim/Sim cr Inchbuich,15 Simx (Johnes Level 2) Ardiecow, 14 Simx Crossburn, 12 Sim (Johnes Level 1) Berryleys, 12 Simx Standingstones, 12 Simx (Johnes Level 1 Pitgaveny,10 Sim (Johnes Level 1), 8 Sim (Johnes Level 1) Coldhome Keith, 5 Headitown of Ord, 5 Pure Lim (Johnes Level 1) Mains Elrick, 4 Simx Huntingfaulds, 3 Gowanwell (Johnes Level 1).  

Sale Ring No 2
Sale of 1,750 Store Cattle

Inc:  100 Ex Orkney (30 Melsetter, 25 Hermisgarth, 20 Grutha, Lower Cottisgarth, 20 Oback, Binsgarth), 100S Cuttlebrae, 90 Cairdhillock, Greencraig, 50 Cairntack, Pittenkerrie,   Mains Hatton, Tocherford, 46S Midhill Seggat, 45 Dinnet, Kinaldie, 44 (Cha) Lynemore Glenrinnes,  42 Mains Towie, 40 Brackley, North Calder, 35 Braemorlich, Bridgend, Ledmacoy, Plewlands, Tullochgribban, 30S Drumneachie, 30 Braigiewell, Gowanwell, (inc Simx hfrs suitable for breeding) Hatton Manor, Woodlands, Odmoston, 33H Ardiecow, 26 HF Straloch, 28 Mill Kintocher, 25 Cluseburn, Mains Auchriachan, Olgrinbeg, 24 Dipplebrae, Wartle, 23 Scotston, 22 Ardlewie, Bogenraith, North Cookney, 20H Finzean, 20 Ardlair, (AAx) Blair Pitcaple, Dalrachie, Dorsell, New Mains Glenkindie, North Towieturner, Place  Tillyfoure and West Maldron.

Sale Ring No 3
Sale of 700 Ewes with Lambs at foot, 350 Store Lambs and 650 Feeding Ewes & Rams