Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle and Store and Feeding Sheep


Friday 18th May 2018
10.00 am
Sale Ring No 1
Sale of 5 Young Calves, 20 Young Bulls and 200 Store Cattle


Inc: 70 Ex Orkney (25 Lower Ellibister, Caldale, 20 Appiehouse, Mooness), 40S Netherwood, 30 Sim and Sal cr Sim Hfrs BVD Virus Free  suitable for breeding Sauchenbush and Croftbain.

10.00 am
Sale Ring No 2
Sale of 1,250 Store Cattle


Inc: 200 Ex Orkney (35 Laithe, 20 Braebuster, Burness, Dale, Howe Stromness, Tuquoy, 20 North Bigging, Binsgarth), 70 Cairdhillock, 50H Cha Backmuir Trading, 40 Mains Arnage, 35H Suttie, 35 Sauchenbush, Westerton, 30  Cairnbeathie, Fintry, Newbigging Tornaveen, 25H Corse Kinnoir, 25 Cluseburn, Hillhead, Mains Cookney, Scobshaugh, 24 Moss Street,  Newtonhill, 20H AA Blervie Mains, Burnside Farming, 20 Backley, Bogentassie, Buchaam, Croftbain, Drodland, Fountainbridge, Knowhead, Pollowick, Shank, Upper Tillenhilt.

10.30 am
Sale Ring No 3
Sale of 700 Ewe with Lambs at foot, 350 Store Lambs, 700 Feeding Ewes and Rams

Inc: 100 Mule Hgts