Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Wednesday 21st February
Special Sale of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle
10.30am Ring 2

Entries Inc: Dispersal - 60 Sim cr Heifers/Cows scanned in calf  (hfrs to Lim and cows to Cha) Bull due Mid March; Sim cr Hfr and 2 Sim cr Cows with Lim Calves at foot; 2 Cha Bulls 2012 born (Woodpark Horrace/Killadeas Hardy, North Redhill;  In Calf Heifers and Cows - 30 Cows and 10 Heifers AA/AA cr Cows scanned in calf to AA Bulls Balnamoon Grange; Cows with Calves at foot - Part Dispersal - 25 Sim/Lim with Dec/Jan born Cha/Lim Calves, Northwells;  Bulls - Lim 4yrs.