Show & Sale of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Tuesday 1st May 2018
Show and Sale of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle

Show: 8.45am  Sale: 10.00am

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Comprising: Cross Heifers with Spring born calves at foot (an excellent selection of top quality, strong milky heifers with well bred Lim and Sim cross calves at foot including some with show potential).
Heifers with Calves at Foot:  70 Sim/Lim/Sal with Lim calves Cranna, 30 Lim/Sim cr Fairburn, 25 Sim/Lim cr with Lim calves West Cruichie, 20 Sim/Sho with Lim calves Auchtygall, 20 Sim cr with Lim calves Lost, 15 Sim cr with Lim calves, Ardhuncart, 13 Sim cr with Lim calves Floors, 8 BB/Lim cr with Lim calves, 4 Pure Lim with BB cr calves Buchaam, 12 Sim cr with Lim calves East Cruichie, 12 Lim cr with Lim cr calves Ledmacoy, 8 Sim cr with Lim calves North Redhill, 8 Sim with Sim calves Huntingfaulds, 6Lim/Sim with Lim calves Pitcairn Cardenden.
Cows with Calves at Foot: 15 Lim with Cha calves Whiteside, 12 Cr with AA calves Waterton, 8 Sim cr with Sim cr calves Nether Toucks,7 Sim cr with Cha calves North Redhill, 6 Sim cr with Autumn born calves, Pd’d in calf to Lim Bull,  running with Bull since 3rd Jan North Redhill.

Dispersal: 40 Her/Sim/Lim cr Cows with Sim/Sal calves, Percylieu

In Calf Heifers: 3 Sim cr, Pd’d in calf to Lim Bull North Redhill.
Bulls: 1 AA, 3 Cha 3-6yrs, 1 Lim 2yrs, 4 Sim 20mth-6yrs, 2 Sal yrs, 1 Sho 8yrs.

Inc Dispersal due to ill health from Percyleiu, Clatt
40 Simmental/Limousin/Hereford X Cows with January to Spring born Simmental/Saler calves at foot.
1 Saler Bull 3 years old
1 Simmental Bull 4 years old