Show and Sale of Store Cattle and Sale of Weaned and Suckled Calves, Store & Breeding Sheep


Friday 10th August 2018
Show and Sale of 550 Store Cattle and Weaned Calves, Weekly Sale of Young Bulls


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Show 8.30am - Sale 10.00am

Inc: 60 Auchnarrow, 50 Cairntack,  East Lediken, Towie, 28 Finnygaud, 25 Clinterty, Corse Kinnoir, 13 Upper Dounreay AAx, 20S Rockyden, 20 Brawliemuir, Chapelford Buckie, Marchmar, Woodfold.

10.30am - Sale Ring No 3
Sale of 850 Store Lambs,  50 Breeding Sheep, 1,000 Feeding Ewes and Rams

Inc: Store Lambs - 200 Deecastle, 150 direct from Isle of Lewis, 150 Wester Arr.