Annual Show and Sale of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Tuesday 2nd October 2018 
Annual Show and Sale of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle

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"An outstanding selection of strong quality heifers and cows with Summer/Autumn born calves at foot including  some with “SHOW” potential, with the majority of heifers with calves at foot individually tested and vaccinated for BVD."

Show - 9.00am
Sale - 10.00am

Present entries inc : Annual consignment of heifers and calves from - 60 Sim cr with Lim calves Towiemore; 37 Sim with Lim cr calves Lost Strathdon; 24 Sim/Lim/Sho with Lim calves Auchtygall; 20 Sim/Lim cr with Lim calves, hfrs all pelvic measured Fairburn; 15 Sim cr Ardhuncart; 12 Lim/BB/Her cr with Lim/BB spring born calves, pd'd in calf to Black Lim Bull due March-April East Mains Carseburn; 11 Sim cr with Lim cr calves South Blachrie.
Cows with calves at foot - 8 Lim/BB with LIm/BB calves, pd'd in calf to Black Lim Bull due March-April East Mains Carseburn; 12 Lim/Sim cr with Cha cr calves, b/r with Cha Bull due Mid June to early August Cairncreoch;
In calf Heifers - 31 Sim cr scanned in calf 24th April to Lim Bull, r/w bull from 20th Jan - 29th March Backhill Seggat. Reduction - 15 Lim cr /BB cr heifers, 40 Lim cr/BB  cr Cows Pd'd in calf to Lim and BB cr Bulls, Nov-Dec calvers, BVD Vacc Newton of Crathie. Bulls - Lim 6yrs.

Messrs E J Wilson & Co, East Mains of Carseburn, Forfar.
4 Limousin cows with B/Blue calves, 4 B/Blue cows with Limousin calves, 5 Limousin heifers with B/Blue calves, 4 Hereford heifers with Limousin calves, 2 B/Blue heifers with Limousin calves.
All in calf to black Limousin bull (picture attached of him also). All vaccinated for Lepto and BVD. All calves have been tested individually for BVD.