Sale of Store and Breeding Sheep Including Shetland Consignments


Tomorrow Wednesday 24th October
10.30am  :  Sale Ring No 3

1,400 Store Lambs, 1,700 (Inc 250 Gimmers and Ewes) Island Consigned Sheep, 900 Breeding Sheep, 500 Feeding Ewes and Rams


 Store Lambs inc - 260 Prony;  1,700 Island Consigned Cross Lambs inc 200 Greentoft; Breeding Sheep inc - 200 Mule Gimmers, 200 TexX Gimmers.

11.00am Sale Ring No 1
Sale of 170 Breeding Rams and Ram Lambs
Please Note MV Consignors to Unload at Rear of the Building Near Towns and Carnie
Inc - Suff, Tex, Lleyn, BL, BFL etc.