Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle, Breeding Cattle, Store and Feeding Sheep


Friday 20th July 2018
Weekly Sale of 10 Young Bulls and 145 Store Cattle
Followed by 26 Adult Head of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle
10.00am - Ring No 2


Store Cattle Entries - 60 Cha Pittenkerrie, 20S Rockyden,  14 AA Abergeldie.
Breeding Cattle Entries - Heifers and Cows with Calves at Foot - 7 Pure Sim Hfrs and Cows with Sim Calves,  some been running with Sim Bull sicne calving, Lower Wanford, 10 Limx Cows with Chax calves, Whiteside; Bulls - 3 Lim 2-4yrs, Cha 30mths.


Sale of 2 Ewes with Lambs at Foot, 20 Store Lambs and 450 Feeding Ewes and Rams
10.30am - Ring No 3