Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle and Store & Breeding Sheep


Friday 22nd February
Weekly Sales of Store Cattle, Young Bulls &Calves. Sale of Commercial Breeding Cattle.
Store Lambs, Grit Ewes & Sale of Fodder


Present entries inc: Store Cattle - 100 Scrabster, 70 HF Auchry, 45H (Cha) Tomnavoulin, 40 Braigiewell, 40 Crichie Inverurie, 35 Mid Fleenas, Milton Culloden, 30 Wellheads, 25S Crossburn, 25 Marchmar, 24S Elsick Estate, 24 Daleigh, 22 Mains Auchindachy, 20 Mains Arnage & Ranna.

Entries close Wednesday 12 noon