Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle and Store & Breeding Sheep


Tomorrow Friday 10.00 am  :  Sale Ring 2 : 
 Sale of 15 Young and Reared Calves and
Sale of  1,100 Store Cattle


Under 400kgs :  130 Ex Orkney (21 Hammer, Burness, 20 Hammercow, Tuquoy, 20 Aikers, Hurtiso), 45H (Cha) Tomnavoulin, 40 Braigiewell, Crichie Inverurie, Nether Bethelnie, 35 Mid Fleenas, Milton Culloden, 30 Cairntack, Northfield Gamrie,  Wellheads, 26 Fichlie, 25S Crossburn, 25 Coldhome, Marchmar, Rogiehill, 24 Daleigh, Elsick Estate, 22 Mains Auchindachy, 21 Glenlogie, 20S Nether Kirkton,20 Buchaam, Deanshillock, Mains Arnage, Mill Kintocher, Powlair, Soutra, Stonyford, West Invery.

10.00 am  :  Sale Ring No 1  : 
Sale of 500 Store Cattle
Followed by Sale of 60 Adult Head of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle

Stores Over 400kgs : 100 Scrabster Mains, 70 HF Auchry, 60 Ex Orkney (28 Appieteen, Gelderhouse, 25 Hermisgarth, Honeysgoe), 30S Loanhead, 30 West Davoch, 24 Barnhill, 20S Nether Kirkton, 20 Cluny Crighton, North Crannoch, Pittenkerrie, Ranna.


Comprising : In Calf Heifers/Cows - 18 cross cows, pd’d to Sho bull due April onwards Glencoe; 10 Shox cows, pd’d to Sho Bull, Cowhillock; 6 Lim/BBx Cows, pd’d to BRB Bull, due April/May Rossyre.

10.30 am  :  Sale Ring No 3  :
Sale of 4 Ewes with Lambs at Foot,
250  Grit Ewes, 1,100 Store Lambs

Comprising and in sale order - Ewes with Lambs - West Latch;  Grit Ewes - 20 Texx 3-4yrs, running with tex ram from 1st Nov, not scanned, Tillyfourie; 20 Texx wm and 40 Mule wm, scanned 196% to Tex, due 3rd March onwards, West Cortiecram; 20 Mule, scanned to Suf/Tex, due 23rd March onwards, Tullo; 150 Mule reg ages and bm, scanned 203% to Tex, due 4th April onwards, Dunscroft; followed by Store Lambs.

11.30 am  :  Concourse  :  Sale of Fodder

Entries of Straw, Hay, Haylage,
 Silage, Turnips