Show & Sale of N C Cheviot Rams, Ram Lambs & Females. Sale of MV Accredited & Non Accredited Rams, Ram Lambs & Females

Friday 20th September
Show & Sale of North County Cheviot Rams, Ram Lambs & Females.
Sponsored by Natural Stockcare

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Sale of MV Accreidted & Non Accreidted Rams, Ram Lambs & Females.
Sponorsed by HRN Tractors

Show 8.30am : Sale 10.30am

Entry of 96 Cheviot Rams, Ram Lambs & Shearling and 3 Females.
Entry of 98 Multi-Breed Rams-  60 Texel; 36 Suffolk, 1 Cheviot, 1 SufXTex.