Sale of Store Cattle incorporating Sale of Aberdeen Angus and Native Breed Cattle and Island Consigned Sheep


Friday 18th September 2020
Sale of 600 Store Cattle at 10.00am in Ring No 2 followed by at approx 1.00pm Sale of 450 Aberdeen Angus and Native Breed Cattle
Sale of 2,600 Island Consigned Sheep (2,400 Lambs and 200 Ewes) at 1.00pm in Ring No 3


Cattle Entries Include: 50 Barnyards; 46 Aberdeen Angus & Shorthorn Cadbolmount; 40 Aberdeen Angus Cairntack; 30 Weaned Calves Belnoe; 30 Aberdeen Angus Balaldie and Suquoy; 50 Cairntack; 27 Aberdeen Angus Lyking; 26 Aberdeen Angus Nether Coullie; 25 Aberdeen Angus Wester Arr; 22 Bogs of Kininmonth; 20 Aberdeen Angus Netherton, Holm and Aberdeen Angus Cross Craigmancy; 20 Balladrum and Score Farm; 20 Steers Meikle Cantlay and Calier; 19 Aberdeen Angus Croyhouse; 17 Auchencrieve Croft; 16 Aberdeen Angus Cross Gowanwell, Crudie; 16 Shorthorn Newhouse; 15 Aberdeen Angus Pittenkerrie; 15 Gowanwell, Auchnagatt; 14 Aberdeen Angus Howan; 12 Aberdeen Angus Halcrow, Heathercow and St Clair.

Sheep Entries Include: 200 Virse, Haroldswick; 150 Boddam, Dunrossness; 120 Virdifyell, Sullom and Springfield, Hillswick; 110 Braehoulland; 100 Ringesta, Aithsetter, Hildsvick, Snaraness House and Mousland.