Pedigree Ram Sales


Tuesday 22nd September 2020
Sales of Suffolk, Border Leicester, Bluefaced Leciester, Texel, Charollais and Other Continental Rams and Ram Lambs
600 Shearlings and Ram Lambs On Offer

14 Suffolk Shearlings, 229 Suffolk Ram Lambs, 48 Texel Shearlings, 131 Texel Ram Lambs, 5 Bluefaced Leicester Shearlings, 7 Bluefaced Leicester Ram Lambs, 7 Border Leicester Shearlings, 10 Border Leicester Ram Lambs, 12 Charollais Shearlings, 27 Charollais Ram Lambs, 27 Beltex Shearlings, 3 Beltex Ram Lambs, 21 Blue Texel Shearlings, 25 Blue Texel Ram Lambs, 10 Pure Bred (Vendeen, Blue de Maine, Millenium Blue, Badgerface, Dutch Spotted) Shearlings and Ram Lambs and 40 Cross Bred Shearlings and Ram Lambs.

Sale Order
9.30am in Thainstone Exchange Sale of 243 Suffolks followed by 179 Texels.
10.00am in Ring 2 Sale of 12 Bluefaced Leicesters followed by 17 Border Leicesters, 39 Charollais, 30 Beltex, 46 Blue Texel and 50 Pure and Cross Breeds


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