Sale of Store Cattle including Autumn born Suckled Calves and Sale of Island Consigned Sheep


Friday 25th September 2020
Sale of 1,200 Store Cattle including Autumn born Suckled Calves at 9.30am in Ring 2
Sale of 2,700 Island Consigned Sheep at 1.00pm in Ring 3


Entries Include: Store Cattle - 25 Including Charolais Heifers Shalloch; 20 Nether Minmore; 18 Greystone and Newton Auchindoir; 17 Briach. Weaned Calves - 120 Wellheads; 90 Mains of Cairnborrow; 50  Auchorachan; 45 Towie; 35 Mains of Glenbuchat, Shenval, Rorandle and Milton of Culloden; 30 Auchnarrow, Dallasbroughty and Dell Farm; 25 Marchar, Upper Tillenhilt; 24 Burnton; 20 Dalrachie, Croftbain, Milton of Glenbuchat, Dunmaglass Mains, Mains of Lurg and Whitehouse; 18 Tombreckachie; 15 Craigiedaff, Comisty and Burnside Sittinghillock. Sheep - 200 Lambs and 200 Ewes Smithfield; 140 South Scord; 120 Aithsetter; 100 Brattahlid and Fiblister. Cheviot Cross Ewes from Smithfield and Scatsta. 



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