About Aberdeen & Northern Marts

Thainstone ExteriorANM Group Ltd is one of the largest and most progressive farmer-owned agri-businesses in the UK and plays a major role in Scotland’s agricultural economy.
The Group is committed to its core business of livestock marketing, but is also highly diversified with interests in the land market, non-agricultural auctions, events and the catering/hospitality industry.
Our people are key to the Group’s success. The 5,000 farmer-shareholders who own the business have a direct involvement in its direction the medium of a Board of Directors and this is a major factor in the stability of the business.
The efficiency, dedication and professionalism of the innovative management team and skilled staff ensure that ANM Group continues to develop and grow its business in line with the aspirations of its members. Continued investment in development and training is designed to provide staff with the skills needed to ensure the continuation of the high-quality service that members and customers have come to expect.
The development of modern auction marts, the pioneering of electronic and video auctions, diversification into non-agricultural auctions and the move into the high-quality catering and hospitality market are examples of the innovative approach which has made ANM Group one of the most successful farmer-owned businesses in the UK, with annual sales of £150 million, an asset base of around £30 million and shareholder funds in excess of £17 million.
Inspired by the innovative spirit of the pioneering farmers who established the original business in 1872, ANM Group is acknowledged as one of the most dynamic, progressive and forward-looking businesses serving the UK farming industry.
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