Sale of MV Accredited & non MV Accredited Rams


Monday 19th October 2020 11am

Sale of 106 MV Accredited & Non Accredited Rams

Rams to be penned by 9.45am. 

Viewing between 10am-10.45am. 

Entires Include- 
16 Suffolks- 6 Norland; 3 Ankerville; 2 Achalone, Hummer Croft; 1 Oldifeld, Sibmister, Wester

38 Texels - 6 East Kirk; 5 Aimster, Boultach; 4 Glengolly, Reaster; 3 Whiteleen;
2 Myrelandhorn, Oldfield, Sibmister, 1 Thorhaven, Wester, Plocan, 3 Skaill, Hempriggs(Dispersal)

42 Cheviots - 9 Mill Farm; 6 Reaster; 4 Wester, 3 Oldfield, 2 Myrelandhorn, 8 Murrayfield;
2 Achscrabster Bardnaclavan, Hempriggs (Dispersal) 1 Hilliclay, Framside, Harestone, Brodie House,

10AOB- Hill Chev, BFLXSUF, TEX X SUF - Achnamoine, 3 Cha Ankerville;
1 Cha Gansclett, 2 Chv X Tex - Woodside; Cross- Whiteleen.


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