Weekly Sale of Store Cattle and Sale of Breeding Cattle


Friday 3rd June 2022
Weekly Sale of 400 Store Cattle at 10.00am in Ring 2
Followed by Sale of 100 Adult Head of Breeding Cattle

Store Cattle Entries Include: 30 Steers Stoneyhill, Longhaven; 25 Tombreckachie, Glenlivet; 20 Mill of Towie, Cullen. 

Breeding Cattle Entries Include: Heifers with Calves at Foot: 30 Limousin Cross and British Blue Cross Heifers with Limousin Calves at Foot, Calves Dehorned and Dosed with Closamectra, Outside for 7 Weeks, No Hard Feed Seafield Park, Nairn; 25 Simmental Cross and Limousin Cross Heifers with Limousin Cross Calves at Foot, Running with Charolais Bull Since 1st May West Cruichie. Cows with Calves at Foot: 36 Limousin Cross Cows with Charolais Cross Spring Born Calves at Foot, Free of the Bull Cairntack Farm; 10 Cross Young Cows with Cross Calves at Foot, Free of the Bull Pittenkerrie; 4 Limousin Cross Heifers with Limousin Cross Calves at Foot, Free of the Bull Carnieston, Insch; 3 Shorthorn Cows with Shorthorn Heifer Calves at Foot Brough, South Nesting. In Calf Heifers and Cows: 3 Simmental Cross and Charolais Cross Cows, PD'd 3-4 Months in Calf Millfield; 1 Simmental Cross in Calf Heifer, Time as Shown to Limousin Bull Boghouse, Tarves. Breeding Bulls: 1 Limousin 'Foxhill Impecabull', 20 Months Old Bush of Muldearie, Keith; 1 Limousin Bull 'Windsole Poncho', 2019 Born, Purchased for £5,500 last Year and 1 Charolais Bull 'Chestermann Laird', 2020 Born, Sired by 'Sterling Empire' and Dam 'Chestermann Data Sage 2' Both Only For Sale Due to Changing Farm Policy Newton View, Lyne of Skene. 

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