Centre Records Smashed Across Three-Day Sheep Fair at Quoybrae

Posted: September 25, 2023

The annual three-day sheep fair hosted by Aberdeen & Northern Marts was held at Caithness Livestock Centre, Quoybrae last week from Thursday 14th of September to Saturday 16th of September. 

The three-day fair kicked off with the Annual Show and Sale of Multi Breed Rams with a 114 Rams sold under the auspices of the Caithness Sheep Breeders Association on Thursday the 14th of September, with the first event kindly sponsored by HRN Tractors.

The Champion Suffolk judged by Scott Dey, Bogbeth Livestock, Kemnay was a shearling from J B & L

Swanson, East Murkle and sold for a new centre record of £2,000 to J R Burgess Lower House, Hillwell.

Nicola Wordie, Cairnborrow Mains judged the Texels with a shearling from R Mackay, Clyth Mains, Wick taking Champion and going on to sell for £1,800 to R & A MacKIntosh, Glengolly Farm, Thurso. Taking top price for the Texels was the Reserve Champion shearling from R Mackay, Clyth Mains, which sold for £2,000 to J S Baillie & Co, Sebay Farm, Tankerness.

In the Any Other Breed section, judge Tracey Nicol, Balthayock Farm, Perth tapped out her Champion, a Beltex shearling from James Swanson, Framside, Thurso that went onto sell for £800 to J MacDonald, West Brims, Thurso.

On Friday the 15th of September Aberdeen & Northern Marts under the auspices of the North Country Cheviot Sheep Society, sponsored by Agri-Lloyd sold 59 rams to the average of £1,385.83 (+£100.12) against £1,282.56 for 85 last year, 1 Ram Lambs sold to £1,200 (+£516.67) and 4 gimmers to average £1,156.25 (+£474.59).

On day two, a new breed and centre record of £5,000 was achieved for a North Country Cheviot Gimmer, sired by Biggins Xerick and bred by James Mackay Biggins who also took Overall Champion. The Gimmer also took 2nd prize at Caithness county show earlier this year.

Overall Cheviot Champion judged by Norman Robinson, Summherhill House and James Metcalfe Hardenclough Farm, Edale was a shearling Biggins Dictator, by Cairnside Craftsman from J & W Mackay, Biggins, Wick, which sold for £4,200 to Firm of Mackay, South Balkierh, Tain. Reserve shearling Bardnaclavan Dazzler by Cairnside Action Man from D N Campbell & Sons, Bardnaclavan, Thurso and sold for £3,500 to Andrew Gunn, Upper Dounreay, Thurso

On Saturday the 16th of September, 2,460 store, breeding and feeding sheep were sold incorporating consignments from Dunbeath, Bettyhill, Forsinard and North West Sutherland areas.

Gimmers (315) averaged £105.13 to £240 for Cheviots from Braemore, Dunbeath (McGonigal) Breeding ewes (955) averaged £113.02 to £200 for Cheviot Ewes from Brackside, Reay. Store lambs (613) sold to £110 for Cheviots from 8 Upper Dounreay, Thurso. Feeding ewes & rams (577) averaged £74.83 to £162 for Texels from Sibmister.

Scott Chapman, Auctioneer at Aberdeen & Northern Marts said: “Caithness Ram Breeders came out in style at the show and sale smashing centre records for the Texels and Suffolks when a fantastic price of £2,000 was achieved for both on day one. The momentum continued on day two with another centre and breed record smashed by a Biggins Bred Gimmer from J & W Mackay, Biggins which achieved £5,000 selling to David Bruce, Hagg House, Scarborough.

There was an outstanding show forward across all classes over the three-day sheep fair which met an electric trade from start to finish with a packed ringside of buyers. We would like to thank our sponsors HRN Tractors and Agri-Lloyd for supporting the events.”